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Vintage Wooden Skittle Alley / Bowling 10 pin Set

Vintage Wooden Skittle Alley / Bowling 10 pin Set

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Primitive-Style Vintage Wooden Skittle Ally Bowling 10 pin Set 

10 Pins • 1 Ball 

Pins and ball are handcrafted and carved. 

Each Pin is Aprox. 3.75 lb. Bowling Ball is Aprox. 5lb 4.5oz

Can be used for outdoor or indoor game play. Perfect for picnic dates, wedding receptions games, personal home use or just as a “hey look at my cool thing”. 

Learn about all the different varying skittle games you can play or you can use it as a bowling set.  

Last picture shows the game in action. This is not my photo and the pins we have come all the same height with the exception of 2 knob pins in the back. 

Item can be picked up locally in Salt Lake City, UT or Item will be aprox. 50lb total to ship. If you’re having issues at checkout with our shipping calculator please reach out on instagram and we can assist you. 


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