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Olson Woodcrafting Pentagon Game Board (Pieces not included)

Olson Woodcrafting Pentagon Game Board (Pieces not included)

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Olson Woodcrafting Pentagon Game Board | 13.75" x 13.75" 

Can be used as game or as a appetizer platter, plant water catch, center display etc.

(Pieces not included) The game itself can use a ranged number pieces (on average around 37 pieces a color). You can use pieces from other games like Mancala, Checkers or just use bags of marbles, stones etc. The easiest option is to use different colored dried beans (white, black, kidney and pinto!

More on the game: Pente (also known as Pentagon) is an abstract strategy board game for 2 - 4 players. The game was originally created in 1977 by Gary Gabrel. Players alternate placing stones of their color on empty intersections, with White always assuming the opening move. The goal of the game is to either align five or more stones of the same color in a row in any vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction or to make five captures.

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